Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Some Uses for Gallery Walks

I love gallery walks - they get the kids out of their seats productively, let them move around and interact with their peers' work, and the movement between various stimuli keeps it novel. Here are some uses for them!

1. http://latinforeveryone.blogspot.com/2018/01/a-variation-on-read-and-draw-with.html

2. My twos were preparing to write eulogies, so I wrote six and handed out a sheet with six sets of five questions. I hung the eulogies on the wall in the hallway. I hung two sets of them, so there would be enough that kids wouldn't be crowding around them. In pairs, they read each of the eulogies and answered the questions for each one. You could do this with any kind of reading.

3. I have hung large sheets of butcher paper on the wall with questions. Sometimes these are personal questions; sometimes they are about stories we have read. The kids go around and answer the questions, and then we use them to start class discussion.

4. One student or a group of students draws or creates something. The rest of the students write commentary or questions, and then the students get their own work back to look at the commentary. There are a number of places to go from there.

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